Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life's little instructional rants (#763)

cue the soothing music

Dear wuzband,

In response to your text:
“The late fee is your fault for not communicating send some letter without telling me I have no idea what it is and will not sign this time nor next time and will not pay the late fee you created”

I have this to say:
A.)   I don’t have any obligation to tell you I’ve sent you a letter. Do you require this of all your correspondences? It’s a ridiculous thing to say.

B.)    If you choose to ignore or refuse mail from me and the due date for the material subsequently passes, that becomes your problem, your late fee. Don’t sign when I send you things, I don’t care. But if a kid doesn’t get registered for school because of it, that’s your fault. If a late fee is incurred, that’s also your fault. And if I send you the winning lottery ticket  - - ooop, no money for you!!!

3.)Don’t refuse to accept a piece of certified mail and tell me the communication problem is mine. I was communicating via mail. You could have called, emailed or texted to ask me what it was, but you didn’t. (If you wanted to know what it was, you should have signed for it & opened it! What was it going to be? A ninja?) Refusing the letter (supposedly because you didn’t know what was in it) & not calling to ask what’s in it is YOU not communicating, not me.

Your attempt at argument is nonsensical. What’s with the need to oppose rationality (and then write the check anyway)? That does not make you look smart!! It makes you look like a little bully who just really, really wants to fight with somebody for no good reason - - but is afraid the boogieman is in an envelope!

For clarity, and for the entirety of the future, if I send you something via certified mail, it’s probably something you- as a parent - need to have, see, sign or otherwise handle, most likely for the benefit of your child(ren) and most likely by a particular deadline (see, this way I have third-party confirmation that I did whatever my part was. . ). After I have done everything I can do, (and especially when you've done nothing toward it) just shut up and write the check! And you're welcome.

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